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Dundurn Railroad 5-Book Bundle

By Ron Brown

Ron Brown is Canada’s leading literary authority on the history of Canada’s railways, particularly those now-lost branches from the golden age of steam that once ran like veins and arteries throughout the country. This special five-book bundle collects several of his titles, ... Read more

Fleming's Army

By Jay Underwood

The book's history context is the period of the mid-1800s, when railway technology projects were viewed as making (or breaking) a community -- 'making' if the railway came to 'our' town, or hamlet, or even passed near our field -- 'breaking' if it did not, for our community ... Read more

Ghost Tracks

By Jay Underwood

Readers will discover why railway men fear the number nine! . .. why a white horse is considered an ill omen . .. and why, in a profession where safety was a priority, often the supernatural was the only way to explain why accidents happened. Some of these episodes, which have ... Read more

Ghost Tracks:

By Jay Underwood

Nova Scotia's Celtic heritage makes the province fertile ground for stories of 'ghoulies and ghosties, and long-leggedy beasties, and things that go bump in the night,' but until Ghost Tracks, very few of these stories involved the railways that once criss-crossed the land. ... Read more

Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway

By John Mills

From its inception as a horsecar line in 1874, the Niagara, St. Catharines, & Toronto Railway is one of the foremost examples in Canada of an intensively developed and closely integrated transportation system. It operated local street railways, interurban lines, carload and ... Read more

Quebec Central Railway:

By Derek Booth

The Quebec Central Railway served the Eastern Townships of southern Quebec for over 130 years, providing through passenger service included links with Montreal, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and points in USA, such as Portland and Boston. Always an innovator in both its freight and ... Read more

Railways of Southern Quebec:

By Derek Booth

Railways of Southern Quebec, Volume II, continues the study, begun in Volume I, of various railway companies that operated in Quebec south of the St. Lawrence River. The featured railways illustrate the many diverse elements of 19th century railway construction. Also covered ... Read more

Self-Propelled Cars of the CNR

By Anthony Clegg

In the 19th century, steam-hauled trains had a virtual monopoly on transportation of passengers. After the 1914-1918 Great War, competition from highway vehicles, which had previously not troubled North American railroads to any considerable extent, began to provoke renewed ... Read more

Transit Progress Derailed:

By David Spencer

In the early 1900s, electricity was THE booming technology, and with it, electric railways. Almost all electric power was privately-generated, and the continent's street railways delivered significant profits to their private shareholders. Although he was a prosperous London, ... Read more