Public Transportation

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Calgary's Electric Transit

By Tom Schwarzkopf

Calgary's Electric Transit is the story of electric street railway, trolleybus and light rail vehicle transit in Canada's western city of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary was founded in 1875, when the North West Mounted Police established a new fort -- Fort Calgary. A big boost for ... Read more

The Mount Royal Tunnel

By Anthony Clegg

An illustrated history of the electrified railway tunnel and station complex still serving Montreal, this story had its start in the pre-World War I railway building boom, when Canadian Northern Railway set out to provide Canadians with competition to the Canadian Pacific and ... Read more

Transit Progress Derailed:

By David Spencer

In the early 1900s, electricity was THE booming technology, and with it, electric railways. Almost all electric power was privately-generated, and the continent's street railways delivered significant profits to their private shareholders. Although he was a prosperous London, ... Read more