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Calgary's Electric Transit

By Tom Schwarzkopf

Calgary's Electric Transit is the story of electric street railway, trolleybus and light rail vehicle transit in Canada's western city of Calgary, Alberta. Calgary was founded in 1875, when the North West Mounted Police established a new fort -- Fort Calgary. A big boost for ... Read more

Dundurn Railroad 5-Book Bundle

By Ron Brown

Ron Brown is Canada’s leading literary authority on the history of Canada’s railways, particularly those now-lost branches from the golden age of steam that once ran like veins and arteries throughout the country. This special five-book bundle collects several of his titles, ... Read more

Fleming's Army

By Jay Underwood

The book's history context is the period of the mid-1800s, when railway technology projects were viewed as making (or breaking) a community -- 'making' if the railway came to 'our' town, or hamlet, or even passed near our field -- 'breaking' if it did not, for our community ... Read more

Ontario's Grand River Valley Electric Railways

By John Mills
Edited by Ted Wickson

This book concentrates on the electric lines of the part of Southern Ontario adjacent to the Grand River (plus a corporate outpost at Woodstock). Naturally fertile and prosperous, this area attracted early settlement which coalesced around two points: the head of river navigation ... Read more