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A Profession of Hope

By Jenna Butler

Winner of the Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Award

Gold Medal for the Green Living category in the Living Now Book Awards

Finalist for the High Plains Book Award for creative nonfiction

"This is not the story of a ready-made farm, complete with generations of history, ... Read more

Against the Seas

By Mary Soderstrom

An incredible read. … While unflinching in her analysis, Soderstrom nevertheless gifts us with a message of hope and resilience. — MAUDE BARLOW, activist and author of Still Hopeful: Lessons from a Lifetime of Activism.
What can we learn about coping with rising sea levels ... Read more

Bittersweet Sands

By Rick Ranson

In Bittersweet Sands, Rick Ranson recounts a twenty-four-day shift at an oilsands operation undergoing a shutdown, giving us a glimpse at a world most of us only know from the evening news. Along the way, he encounters a group of engaging roughnecks, including a husband-and-wife ... Read more

Canadarm and Collaboration

By Elizabeth Howell
Foreword by David Williams & M.D.


With interviews from Chris Hadfield and Marc Garneau, the tale of Canada’s involvement in international space exploration from the 1960s to the present day 

Canada is a small but mighty power in space exploration. After providing the Canadarm robotic arm for the space shuttle ... Read more

Consulted to Death

By Doug Smith

Twenty years ago governments across Canada adopted--with much ballyhoo-new occupational health and safety laws. Consulted to Death shows how the laws failed to deliver on their promise because, despite their rhetoric, they refused to adequately confront the issue of power in ... Read more

Cursed Objects

By Jason Christie

What happens to identity when we're obsessed with self-surveillance and devalued words? Now that we've sold ourselves to ourselves, shuffling letters and sounds around to hide the pain, how do we represent the uncanny valley in which we've set up shop? In Cursed Objects, Jason ... Read more

Dinner on Mars

By Lenore Newman & Evan D. G. Fraser


“This culinary cosmic outing is as creative as it is informative. ” — STARRED review, Publishers Weekly

From Impossible Burgers to lab-made sushi, two witty, plugged-in food scientists explore leading-edge AgTech for the answer to feeding a settlement on Mars — and ... Read more

Discovery By Design

By Eric Damer

Over the past century mechanical engineers have helped to transform British Columbia from a frontier land of manual labour into a modern technological society. Many of those engineers began their careers as students in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University ... Read more

Dishonour of the Crown

By Paula Sherman
Introduction by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

The territory of the Omàmìwinini (Algonquin) peoples of southern Ontario is rich with natural resources. Yet for more than four centuries, the Algonquin have been economically and politically marginalized, while corporate and foreign interests profited from their land. In ... Read more

Edison’s Concrete Piano

By Judy Wearing


Not even geniuses get it right the first time . . . An “entertaining” look at the failures of great inventors (Booklist)

From Alexander Graham Bell’s multi-nippled sheep to Leonardo da Vinci’s walk-on-water shoes, these ludicrous ideas and faulty designs will leave ... Read more