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Double Blue

Edited by Jim O'Leary & Wayne Parrish

?The Toronto Argonauts have been a beloved football team since its beginnings in 1873, when players first donned the double blue uniforms (so popular, blue was adopted by other Toronto sports teams). The oldest professional sports team in North America with the same name since ... Read more

Pro Football Halftime Activity Book

Illustrated by Dan Cuison

NFL fans can relish in their team`s victories?and even challenge some of their fumbles?in this hilarious book full of mazes, word scrambles, football ad-libs, and more. Whether styling Troy Polamulo’s hair, helping Plaxico Burress pick his next self-mutilating weapon, or directing ... Read more

Rockin' the Rockpile

By Jeffrey J Miller
Foreword by Billy Shaw

Rockin’ the Rockpile is a complete and comprehensive history of the Buffalo Bills AFL era ? from the first meetings of the ?Foolish Club” to the eventual merger with the senior NFL ? and it brings to life the stories of a bygone time that fans regard as Buffalo’s golden ... Read more

Sack Exchange

By Greg Prato

Comprised of exclusive interviews with Jets players, coaches, and other figures surrounding the organization, this eye-opening account of a golden era in one team's history also takes a step back and looks at the state of the National Football League as a whole during the 1980s. ... Read more