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Atlantic Salmon Flies / Mouches pour le saumon atlantique

By Jacques Héroux

The Atlantic salmon, the king of the rivers, is the ultimate prize for the angler. This beautifully illustrated volume brings together exquisite examples of nearly 300 salmon flies, tied by some of the best fly tiers and fishers in North America. Patterns tied by the author, ... Read more

Atlantic Salmon Treasury, 75th Anniversary Edition

Edited by Charles Gaines & Monte Burke

“Few fish have captured the souls and minds of men and women quite like wild Atlantic salmon. ” — Bill Taylor, President, Atlantic Salmon Federation

Celebrating 75 years of conservation, the Atlantic Salmon Treasury works as a “best of” for the influential Atlantic ... Read more

Casting into Mystery

By Robert Reid
By (artist) Wesley W Bates

Casting into Mystery celebrates the meditative sport of fly fishing, rejoicing in the camaraderie and quietude to be found not only in the gentle flow of river currents, but also in the community and culture of anglers past and present.

Cutthroats & Other Poems

By Ted Dyck

Beautiful and eternal. The cutthroat rises to the fly from the depths of the river for only an instant, teasing, tantalizing, as the long line reaches out. The game continuesââ'¬â?the hook is set, the quarry played and the players ready to assume their roles.


Ted Dyckââ'¬â"¢s ... Read more

Fishing the High Country

By Wayne Curtis

Finalist, New Brunswick Book Award for Non-Fiction

From the first sentence, "I come from a long line of river people," to the last, "Bad luck to kill a moose bird," Wayne Curtis signals that this book occupies the territory of a classic, a lyrical memoir of a river and those ... Read more

Lakes, Lures and Lodges

By Jake McDonald

Secrets no angler can afford to miss! Expert fishing guide and writer Jake MacDonald gives you inside tips on top lakes, lures and lodges. Learn the best ways and places to catch salmon, walleye, trout, muskie, pike, and catfish, from British Columbia to Northwestern Ontario. ... Read more

Living Rivers of British Columbia and the Yukon, The (Vol 2)

By Gordon Davies

The second volume of Gordon Davies' collection of stories features the rivers of British Columbia and the Yukon. Travelling from the turbulent Yukon in the far north to the streams flowing into Washington State, Davies acts as a guide to fisher and non-fisher alike. The avid ... Read more

Living Rivers of British Columbia, The (Vol 1)

By Gordon Davies

Gordon Davies is one of British Columbia's foremost anglers and outdoor story writers. In Living Rivers, Davies tells of fishing the great rivers of British Columbia. More than a book of fishing stories, Living Rivers also serves as a guide. Each chapter includes photographs, ... Read more

Lost Land of Moses

By Peter Thomas

In the middle of the nineteenth century, most of New Brunswick was pristine wilderness. But by the end of the century the map of eastern Canada would be changed forever by the sport of salmon angling, and by the adventurers, gentlemen, rakes, and royalty, who were drawn together ... Read more

Of Earthly and River Things

By Wayne Curtis

"One could do worse than to grow up on a river. "

In his new collection of essays, Wayne Curtis voyages back through the tributaries of his past, throwing a pastoral net over the backwaters of his childhood to ensnare the sepia-tinged moments of love, loss, and life lessons he ... Read more