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Bugs, Sweat & Fears

By Allan P. Baynes

A fun read and great information for anyone with a propensity to paddle. A fundamental guide for the novice in canoeing and hilarious “I’ve been there” anecdotes for the experts. Illustrated.

Paddling South

By Rick Ranson

In the Fall of 1969, Rick Ranson and John Van Landeghem, both barely out of high school, took on the might of the Red and Mississippi Rivers to paddle a canoe from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining high drama with hilarity, Ranson tells how the duo, ducked ... Read more


By Brenda Missen

On a warm August evening, Brenda Missen, a 37-year-old single, unattached writer, pitches her tent beside a lake in Canada's 7,600 square-kilometre [3,000 square-mile] Algonquin Provincial Park. She is on a four-night "reconnaissance mission," an hour's paddle from the parking ... Read more

Woodlands Canoeing

By Rick Sparkman

A recreational canoeman in his native Texas, Rick Sparkman thought he knew all about the sport when he moved to Nova Scotia in 1981. The swift, cold rivers and streams of his new home adjusted his thinking in the most personal way: he got dumped. That's when he started learning ... Read more