Social Work

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Decolonizing Equity

Edited by Billie Allan & V.C. Rhonda Hackett
Foreword by OmiSoore Dryden


Institutions everywhere seem to be increasingly aware of their roles in settler colonialism and anti-Black racism. As such, many racialized workers find themselves tasked with developing equity plans for their departments, associations or faculties. This collection acknowledges ... Read more

Fight to Win

By A.J.  Withers


AJ Withers draws on their own experiences as an organizer, extensive interviews with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) activists and Toronto bureaucrats, and freedom of information requests to provide a detailed account of the work of OCAP. This book shows that ... Read more

White Benevolence

Edited by Amanda Gebhard, Sheelah McLean, and Verna St. Denis


When working with Indigenous people, the helping professions —education, social work, health care and justice — reinforce the colonial lie that Indigenous people need saving. In White Benevolence, leading anti-racism scholars reveal the ways in which white settlers working ... Read more