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It Was Dark There All the Time

By Andrew Hunter

“My parents were slaves in New York State. My master’s sons-in-law … came into the garden where my sister and I were playing among the currant bushes, tied their handkerchiefs over our mouths, carried us to a vessel, put us in the hold, and sailed up the river. I know ... Read more

Slave King

By Basem L. Ra'ad

Slave King recreates a major slave revolt in Sicily led by a Syrian magus turned leader, circa 140-132 BCE, decades before Spartacus. He forges a coalition of slaves, farmers and herders to defeat Roman armies and establish an egalitarian entity. The novel uses biased ancient ... Read more


By Camille Turner & Camal Pirbhai

In this captivating collection of photographs, Camille Turner and Camal Pirbhai draw attention to 18th-century fugitive slave ads from Canada’s colonial archives. Juxtaposing reproductions of actual advertisements with contemporary photographs that reinterpret the details ... Read more