Poverty & Homelessness

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By Cynthia Cruz

How do our bodies speak for us when words don?t suffice? How can we make ourselves understood when what we have to say is inarticulable?

In Disquieting, Cynthia Cruz tarries with others who have provided examples of how to ?turn away,? or reject the ideologies of contemporary ... Read more

Finding Home in the Promised Land

By Jane Harris

In 2013, a violent crime left Jane Harris seriously injured and tumbling down the social ladder toward homelessness -- for the second time in her life -- leading her to question the underlying conditions that could allow this to happen in a country like Canada. Finding Home ... Read more

Street Stories

By Michael Barnholden

Homelessness is not new to Vancouver. There have been homeless people in Vancouver since it was founded in 1886. As in other major North American cities, until the late '70s and early '80s homelessness in Vancouver followed the economic logic of boom and bust capitalism.

However, ... Read more