Minority Studies

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A Romani Women's Anthology

Edited by Hedina Tahirovi?-Sijer?i? & Cynthia Levine-Rasky

A Romani Women's Anthology: Spectrum of the Blue Water is grounded upon Romani women's lived experiences, and confers epistemic privilege on critical insights that derive from their authentic and personal knowledge. Romani women are impressively diverse in their attachments, ... Read more

Buried in the Silence

By Connie Sampson

The inquiry into the killing of Leo LaChance left many unanswered questions. Journalist Connie Sampson examines the life and death of LaChance, his brother’s search for truth, and the inquiry that followed his death.

Trail of the Spirit

By George Blondin

In this new collection of stories, Dene Elder George Blondin defines medicine power, a gift from the Creator for the Dene way of life. Although medicine power has existed since before time began, here Blondin focuses on the past two hundred years, to show how it has shaped the ... Read more

Yamoria the Lawmaker

By George Blondin

Dene Elder George Blondin creates a spiritual guidebook that weaves together oral stories with the recounting of how the northern Canadian Dene came to depend on the European fur traders. The result is a magical journey for readers of any heritage.