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Before I Was a Critic I Was a Human Being

By Amy Fung

In that moment, I felt closer to whiteness than not. I was completely complicit and didn?t think twice about entering a space that could cover their walls with images of contemporary Indigenous perspectives, but exclude their physical bodies from entering and experiencing. In ... Read more

Canada: A Taste of Home/Les saveurs de chez soi

Edited by Oriana Palusci & Ylenia De Luca

Canada: A Taste of Home/ Les saveurs de chez soi is a collection of papers, written either in French or in English, that investigate the different cuisines of immigrants in a literary, linguistic and cultural perspective. Far from home, food expresses a sense of nostalgia, belonging ... Read more

Dancing On Our Turtle's Back

By Leanne Betasamosake Simpson

Many promote Reconciliation as a “new” way for Canada to relate to Indigenous Peoples. In Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back: Stories of Nishnaabeg Re-Creation, Resurgence, and a New Emergence activist, editor, and educator Leanne Betasamosake Simpson asserts reconciliation ... Read more


By Cynthia Cruz

How do our bodies speak for us when words don?t suffice? How can we make ourselves understood when what we have to say is inarticulable?

In Disquieting, Cynthia Cruz tarries with others who have provided examples of how to ?turn away,? or reject the ideologies of contemporary ... Read more

Fat Studies in Canada

Edited by Allison Taylor, Kelsey Ioannoni, and Ramanpreet Bahra

Fat Studies in Canada: (Re)Mapping the Field is an edited collection focusing on the growing field of fat studies, specifically the unique ways that fat studies theorists, academics, artists, and activists in the colonial project known as Canada are troubling and thickening existing ... Read more

First Voices

Edited by Patricia A. Monture & Patricia D. Mcguire

A collection of articles that examine many of the struggles that Aboriginal women have faced, and continue to face, in Canada. Sections include: Profiles of Aboriginal Women; Identity; Territory; Activism; Confronting Colonialism; the Canadian Legal System; and Indigenous Knowledges. ... Read more


Edited by Alana Wilcox, Christina Palassio, and Jonny Dovercourt

More trees. Hydrogen-fuelled cabs. Urbiology. A new model of taxation. Solar panels on big-box stores. The art of salvage. Composters for dog poo in city parks. Retrofitting our urban slabs. Gardening the Gardiner. Ravine City. What would make Toronto a greener place?

In the ... Read more


Edited by Christina Palassio & Wayne Reeves

Drained by a half-dozen major watersheds, cut by a network of deep ravines and fronting on a Great Lake, Toronto is a city dominated by water. Recently, the trend of fettering Toronto’s water and putting it underground has been countered by persistent citizen-led efforts to ... Read more

Humans 3.0

By Peter Nowak

Life for early humans wasn't easy. They may have been able to walk on two feet and create tools 4 million years ago, but they couldn't remember or communicate. Fortunately, people got smarter, and things got better. They remembered on-the-spot solutions and shared the valuable ... Read more