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A Migrant Heart

By Denis Sampson

A Migrant Heart is about departures and arrivals, uprooting and attachment, resettling and returning. Denis Sampson left Ireland as a student, leaving behind the farming countryside of his childhood, the city of Dublin where he was educated, and the history and culture of his ... Read more

Anywhere but Here

By Carmen Aguirre

Anywhere but Here is an external representation of the inner turmoil of exile. Using magic realism tropes, it follows a family on a journey back toward Chile from Canada. They drive in a convertible along the desert border between the U. S. and Mexico, each with different emotions ... Read more

Clerks of the Passage

By Abou Farman

The roots of this book are real and full of characters and heroic stories of the sort one might expect from migration tales, , evoking border crossings past and present.
In Abou Farman's hands the stories turn into a larger meditation on movement, conveyed with humour and a ... Read more

Demons of Aquilonia, The

By Lina Medaglia

This is the story of Licia Giganteschi, for whom it takes half a lifetime to go back home, to a place she loves and hates at the same time. Licia grows up in the beautiful wilderness of a mountain village in Calabria, Italy. Born of terroni with aspirations for their children, ... Read more


By Marcello Di Cintio

Shortlisted for the Bressani Literary Prize • A Globe and Mail Book of the Year • A CBC Books Best Canadian Nonfiction of 2021

In conversations with drivers ranging from veterans of foreign wars to Indigenous women protecting one another, Di Cintio explores the borderland ... Read more

If There Were Roads

By Joanna Lilley

Guided by the geography of land and mind, the familiar and the unknown converge in If There Were Roads by Joanna Lilley. A family shattered by a phone call, a monk who becomes a hermit, and a woman adjusting to living on the edge of the boreal forest, each finding their future ... Read more

Letter Out : Letter In

By Salimah Valiami

Using post-Apartheid South Africa as a point from which to reflect on Canada and beyond, Letter Out : Letter In is a poetry collection of social commentary, political-economic analysis, and philosophical meditation. Historic and persisting structures of racism, sexism and economic ... Read more

Martha in the Mirror

By Renee Norman

In this third collection of poetry, Renee Norman inhabits Martha Quest like a spirit, and rewrites her through poems that bring her into being. Martha is Doris Lessing's autobiographical protagonist from her Martha Quest series of novels, and Norman "borrows" Martha and encounters ... Read more