Black Studies (global)

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By Lorena Gale

"And in seventeen thirty-four a Negro slave set fire to the City of Montreal and was hanged. .."

With this bald statement of history as a basis, Lorena Gale constructs a vivid portrait of a time when captive people had no say in the outcome of their lives.

A rich, poetic evocation ... Read more


By M. NourbeSe Philip

Bla_K is a collection of previously out-of-print essays and new works by one of Canada's most important writers and thinkers.
Through an engagement with her earlier work, M. NourbeSe Philip comes to realize the existence of a repetition in the world: the return of something ... Read more

Limits of the Black Radical Tradition and the Valueform

By Shemon Salam

Limits of the Black Radical Tradition and the Value-form develops an immanent critique of the Black Radical Tradition to show the boundaries of its own categories, history, and epistemologies. Limits argues that the Black Radical Tradition developed in the national context of ... Read more

Racism, Capitalism, and COVID19 Pandemic

By Zophia Edwards
Preface by David Austin

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp relief the deep structural problems affecting nonwhite racialized workers in the core and periphery. Yet, many social scientific analyses of the global political economy, at least in the pre-COVID era, are race neutral or willfully ... Read more

Radical Medicine

By Esyllt Jones

Medicare was born in Saskatchewan, but its roots are global. Radical Medicine offers a thrilling new history that connects the history of socialized health care in Canada with the New Deal in the United States, the October Revolution in Russia, and the British Labour movement. ... Read more


By George Elliott Clarke

In Whiteout: How Canada Cancels Blackness, his new and essential collection of essays, George Elliott Clarke exposes the various ways in which the Canadian imagination demonizes, excludes, and oppresses Blackness. Clarke's range is extraordinary: he canvasses African-Canadian ... Read more