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A Matter of Taste

By Rebecca Tucker

How farmer's markets and organic produce became synonymous with "good food" and why they shouldn't be.

How did farmer's markets, nose-to-tail, locavorism, organic eating, CSAs, whole foods, and Whole Foods become synonymous with “good food”? And are these practices really ... Read more

Dinner on Mars

By Lenore Newman & Evan D. G. Fraser


“This culinary cosmic outing is as creative as it is informative. ” — STARRED review, Publishers Weekly

From Impossible Burgers to lab-made sushi, two witty, plugged-in food scientists explore leading-edge AgTech for the answer to feeding a settlement on Mars — and ... Read more

Eat the Beetles!

By David Waltner-Toews


“Provides a sturdy literary exoskeleton to the field of human insectivory . . . it entertains as it enlightens. ” — Daniella Martin, author of Edible: An Adventure into the World of Eating Insects and the Last Great Hope to Save the Planet

Will eating insects change the ... Read more

Growing and Eating Sustainably

By Dana James & Evan Bowness
Foreword by Hannah Wittman


The industrial food system, from production to consumption and waste, is a major contributor to environmental, social and economic problems. A few powerful multinational corporations have consolidated control of agricultural markets and wealth while many farmers struggle to ... Read more

Take Back the Tray

By Joshna Maharaj


A beloved chef takes on institutional food and sparks a revolution with this manifesto, memoir from the trenches, and blueprint for reclaiming control from corporations and brutal bottom lines.

“With hard-won insights and deep commitment, Joshna Maharaj takes us on a mouthwatering ... Read more

The Edible City

Edited by Alana Wilcox & Christina Palassio

If a city is its people, and its people are what they eat, then shouldn’t food play a larger role in our dialogue about how and where we live? The food of a metropolis is essential to its character. Native plants, proximity to farmland, the locations of supermarkets, immigration, ... Read more

The Fair Trade Handbook

Edited by Gavin Fridell, Zack Gross, and Sean McHugh
Foreword by Sean McHugh


Framed within the common goal of advancing trade justice and South-North solidarity, The Fair Trade Handbook presents a broad interpretation of fair trade and a wide-ranging dialogue between different viewpoints. Canadian researchers in particular have advanced a transformative ... Read more

The Fruitful City

By Helena Moncrieff


Winner of the 2019 Heritage Toronto Book Award

Shortlisted for the 2019 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize

“Moncrieff eloquently reminds readers of the bounty and beauty that surround them. ” —Publishers Weekly

Our cities are places of food polarities — food deserts and farmers’ ... Read more