Environmental Science

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Back to the Well

By Marq de Villiers

Shortlisted for the Donner Prize and the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award

"This book will ruffle some feathers as well as open some minds, but for anyone who cares about the earth's most precious resource, it is worth the read. " — Publishers Weekly

Droughts. Floods. Contamination. ... Read more

Icy Battleground

By Donald Barry

Icy Battleground is the first comprehensive account of the forty-year political controversy over the seal hunt. With a foreword by the Honourable John C. Crosbie, it traces the rise of the anti-sealing protests, the emergence of the Inte ational Fund for Animal Welfare, its ... Read more


By Andrew Reeves


Intelligent investigative writing meets experiential journalism in this important look at one of North America’s most voraciously invasive species

Politicians, ecologists, and government wildlife officials are fighting a desperate rearguard action to halt the onward reach ... Read more

The End of the River

By Brian Harvey

Named by Globe and Mail to Globe100, a list of the 100 best and most influential books of 2009. Shedding light on the misuse of science, this investigation presents an innovative form of environmental writing as one biologist searches for a solution that will save many fish ... Read more

What You Won’t Do For Love: A Conversation

By David Suzuki, Tara Cullis, Miriam Fernandes, and Ravi Jain

What if we could love the planet as much as we love one another?

"Warm, wise, and overflowing with generosity, this is a love story so epic it embraces all of creation. Yet another reminder of how blessed we are to be in the struggle with elders like David and Tara. ” – Naomi ... Read more