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Gideon’s Bible

Illustrated by Duan Petricic
By Gideon Salutin
Foreword by Margaret Atwood


A singular exploration of the Hebrew Bible, playfully illustrated by renowned cartoonist and illustrator Duan Petricic

Gideon’s Bible is a conversation between Rick Salutin, and his son, Gideon. It begins with Gideon as a child, asking why he was given his name. Rick says ... Read more

Rogue Rabbi

By Jerry Steinberg

The fascinating story of a man whose exploration in spiritual existence has not been limited to his life as a rabbi, this autobiography shares Jerry Steinberg’s experience down a path less traveled. Revealing an understanding of God that goes beyond the conventional, the memoir ... Read more

Traces of the Past

By Sara Ferdman Tauben

To document the movement and development of Montreal's Jewish community from the 1880s until 1945, much like a detective, Sara Ferdman Tauben has pored over historic city maps and directories, sepia coloured photos, brittle newspaper articles and long forgotten anniversary publications ... Read more