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Life After God

By Michael Lewis MacLennan

Centring around the eccentric, sensitive Scout, Life After God tells the story of six friends who went to high school together, and how their lives unravel fifteen years later as they face the challenges and disillusionment of adulthood. The friends search for purpose and meaning ... Read more


By Sarah Klassen

With intellectual energy, Sarah Klassen takes the reader on an unforgettable journey by Klassen's unsettling, stimulating and wonderful experiences in Israel/ Palestine and Lithuania, as well as life at home. Combined with reflections on nature, the poems explore the ongoing ... Read more

Reclaiming Faith

By Michael Coren

Christianity has largely been represented in recent social discourse by a relatively small minority of conservatives, and Christians are often viewed as obsessed with single issues such as abortion or sexuality, as saying “no” rather than “yes. ” As a result, the perception ... Read more

Seeking the Sacred

By Romeo Dallaire, Thomas Moore, Martin Rutte, Stephen Lewis, and Marion Woodman


In a world permeated by religious strife, renewed interest in issues of faith necessitates a journey beyond the orthodox institutions many have come to mistrust. This new brand of “seeker” is looking for an open and safe environment in which to discuss unique interpretations ... Read more