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A Comprehensive Bibliography of English-Canadian Short Stories

Edited by Allan Weiss

This bibliography endeavors to record every short story written in English by a Canadian author and first published during the period 1950–1983, and contains 20,000 citations to stories by more than 5,300 authors. Organized alphabetically by author`s last name, it includes ... Read more

A Feast of Science

By Dr. Joe Schwarcz


An entertaining and digestible volume that demystifies science, from the author of over a dozen bestselling popular science books

Crave answers?  Dr. Joe Schwarcz demystifies the chemistry of everyday life, serving up practical knowledge to both inform and entertain. Guaranteed ... Read more

Adele Wiseman

By Ruth Panofsky

Best known as the author of Crackpot and The Sacrifice, Adele Wiseman has also written children`s stories, plays, and memoirs. There has been a significant quantity of criticism about her writing, from book reviews and interviews to more serious scholarly articles. All of this ... Read more

Annotated Bibliography of Dorothy Livesay

By Alan Ricketts

Many of the highly praised bibliographies that make up The Annotated Bibliography of Canada`s Major Authors are also available in individual author reprints. Separately bound and covered, each bibliography concentrates on one major Canadian author.

Annotated Bibliography of Earle Birney

By Peter Noel-Bentley

An annotated bibliography of the works of Canadian poet Earle Birney.

Annotated Bibliography of F. R. Scott

By Robert Still

A extensive biography and look at the writing of Canadian poet, lawyer, and social philosopher F.R. Scott.

Bibliography of Canadiana Published in Great Britain, 1519-1763

By Freda Farrell Waldon
Edited by W.F.E. Morley

The chronological arrangement of approximately 865 titles and editions in this comprehensive bibliography of printed works published in Great Britain to 1763 (the Treaty of Paris) includes books, pamphlets, maps, broadsides, and broadsheets which concern in some way any part ... Read more

Bibliography of the Theatre History in Canada

By John Ball
Edited by Richard Plant

A revision and complete updating of the editors` previous bibliography of Canadian theatre history and its supplement, this volume contains more than 8,000 new entries. Topically arranged, with author and keyword indexes it includes contributions from Patrick O`Neill, Jean Cléo ... Read more

Canadian Literature Index 1987

Edited by Janet Fraser


The Canadian Literature Index: A Guide to Periodicals and Newspapers was created in response to the need for comprehensive access to the vast amount of Canadian literature and literary criticism published on a periodical basis in 1987. The mandate for The Canadian Literature ... Read more