Political Process

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"As Many Liars"

By Doug Smith

In 1998, Manitoba's Conservative government was oozing confidence and appeared certain to cruise to re-election under Premier Gary Filmon. But when a local radio reporter began to investigate rumours about Conservative dirty tricks in the last provincial election, he broke open ... Read more

A Separate Star

A Separate Star collects the decolonial socialist ambitions of Red Braid Alliance through reflections on struggle, popular-philosophical inquiries, and revolutionary strategy. The roots of the collectively-authored book are in Red Braid?s decade of efforts to foster the self-organization ... Read more

Access to Information and Social Justice

Edited by Jamie Brownlee & Kevin Walby

Access to Information and Social Justice combines the political and the practical aspects of Access to Information (ATI) research into a single volume in order to reinvigorate critical social science, investigative journalism, and social activism in Canada. Not only does it expose ... Read more

An American Story

By David Olive


Barack Obama, junior senator from Illinois, first captured America’s attention with his keynote address to the Democratic National Convention in 2004. Now, as presumptive Democratic candidate for President, Obama’s superb and captivating oratory style has earned him comparisons ... Read more

Chretien and Canadian Federalism

By Edward McWhinney

Constitutionalist Ted McWhinney draws on his extensive experience in the workings of our federal system to discuss the need for modernization and updating to meet the radically new demands of the plural, multicultural Canada of the 21st century. His focus is on law-in-action ... Read more

Civilized Revolution, A

By Gordon Wilson

In A Civilized Revolution, Gordon Wilson outlines, clearly and trenchantly, the changes necessary if British Columbia is to prosper in the 21st century. Central to Wilson's vision is a new approach to the management of our natural resources that keeps wealth within our province ... Read more

Conversations in Tehran

By Jean-Daniel Lafond & Fred A. Reed

In early 2004, filmmaker Jean-Daniel Lafond (Salam Iran, a Persian Letter) and author Fred A. Reed (Persian Postcards: Iran after Khomeini) returned to Iran after a two-year absence—on the eve of the parliamentary elections that were to seal the political defeat of the Reform ... Read more

Enough Is Enough

By Guy Bertrand

An Attorney's Struggle for Democracy in Quebec. Guy Bertrand made front-page news across Canada when he challenged Quebec's referendum laws in court. In the face of the October referendum he obtained a court judgement declaring the referendum law illegal. After the referendum, ... Read more

Future on Fire

By David Camfield


Coming in October, 2022.

Climate change is already affecting millions of people. Governments talk about taking action to limit global heating to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but the greenhouse gas emissions allowed by their policies have the Earth on track ... Read more

Governor General and the Prime Ministers, The

By Edward McWhinney

Since Canada may be faced with a period of minority governments, it has become increasingly important to understand the role of the Head-of-State, the Governor General, in facing the challenge of dysfunctionality. Edward McWhinney clearly lays out the present powers and responsibilities ... Read more