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"As Many Liars"

By Doug Smith

In 1998, Manitoba's Conservative government was oozing confidence and appeared certain to cruise to re-election under Premier Gary Filmon. But when a local radio reporter began to investigate rumours about Conservative dirty tricks in the last provincial election, he broke open ... Read more

Canada is Not a Real Country

By Thomas Schnurmacher

Separatist leader Lucien Bouchard says that Canada is not a real country. Montreal talk-show host Thomas Schnurmacher says it's about time Canada started acting like one. An avowed federalist who refuses to be politically correct, Schnurmacher has written a book that the politicians ... Read more

Daring to Dream

By Angelo Bolotta

Throughout human history, great and free nations have been built on noble dreams. Recently, in some once promising nations, dreams of betterment and possibility, have been effectively compromised. The current political landscape, featuring cold partisan interest, calculated ... Read more

Does Canada Matter?

By Clarence Bolt

In this lucid yet impassioned book Clarence Bolt reveals how Canada is rapidly losing its sovereign status to the liberal, globalizing drive that has, since Confederation, endeavoured to eliminate regional diversity, self-reliance and distinctiveness by blending our regions ... Read more

This Is My Own

By Muriel Kitagawa
Edited by Roy Miki

This Is My Own: Letters to Wes and Other Writings on Japanese Canadians, 1941–1948 is a collection of letters written by Muriel Kitagawa during this period, as well as statements, essays and manuscripts which arose from Kitagawa’s commitment to write about the injustices ... Read more