Economic Conditions

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Capitalism and Dispossession

Edited by David P.  Thomas & Veldon Coburn


This edited collection brings together a broad range of case studies to highlight the role of Canadian corporations in producing, deepening and exacerbating conditions of dispossession both at home and abroad. Rather than presented as instances of exceptional greed or malice, ... Read more

Globalization, Neo-conservative Policies and Democratic Alternatives

Edited by Haroon Akram-Lodhi & Robert Chernomas

A unique edited collection of new papers by a group of internationally reowned political economists. They evaluate the failures of neo-conservative economic policies around the globe, and explore the alternative budgeting movement as an approach to economic policy making that ... Read more

Infrastructure Critical

By Alessandra Renzi & Greg Elmer

Much public debate ensued after the violence and police brutality that gripped Toronto in June 2010 during the G8/G20 Summit. It is now being revealed how the Conservative government's stimulus package was funnelled into "infrastructure" projects aimed at policing Canadians ... Read more

Scandinavian Common Sense

By Dominque Côté & Marie-France Raynauilt

At a time when austerity is claimed by some to be the only answer to today’s economic woes, a close look at the best practices used in Scandinavia is edifying. Decision makers everywhere dispose of ample evidence showing that social determinants have an impact on health and ... Read more

Social Media and Capitalism

By Suddhabrata Deb Roy

Technology is one of the central elements of contemporary human life. The world as one knows it today is a space increasingly mediated by technological interventions, be it in the field of contemporary cultural expressions or political, organizational forms. Social media has ... Read more

World in Crisis

By Gabriel Kolko

Gabriel Kolko provides a panoramic overview of the problems facing the US and the world today. Each chapter covers a key topic, spanning a range of international issues including the current financial crisis, the limits of US foreign policy, the politicisation of intelligence, ... Read more