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Daring to Dream

By Angelo Bolotta

Throughout human history, great and free nations have been built on noble dreams. Recently, in some once promising nations, dreams of betterment and possibility, have been effectively compromised. The current political landscape, featuring cold partisan interest, calculated ... Read more

Irresponsible Government

By Brent Rathgeber
Foreword by Andrew Coyne

2015 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize — Shortlisted, Non-Fiction

In Irresponsible Government, former MP Brent Rathgeber takes Parliament to task for its failure to hold the government to account.

Irresponsible Government examines the current state of Canadian democracy in contrast ... Read more

Turmoil, as Usual

By James McLeod

Newfoundland and Labrador had three premiers in a single year-- three and a half, if you count Frank Coleman. An elected politician broke down crying on live radio. In less than eighteen months, the Official Opposition went from six to sixteen members. For Canada's easternmost ... Read more