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By Nina Mosall

Bebakhshid revolves around intimate identity intersections of being Iranian, an immigrant, and a woman. Mosall touches everyday banalities as well as challenges, exploring familial relationships, as well as chosen social environments. Her work is social commentary on the treatment ... Read more

Exit Wounds

By Tāriq Malik

What does it mean to feel at home? In his groundbreaking debut collection Exit Wounds, Indo-Canadian poet Tariq Malik weaves together history and myth with his own family’s experiences of immigration to uncover what it truly means to belong. Whether he is recalling his childhood ... Read more

Good Arabs, The

By Eli Tareq El Bechelany-Lynch

Swinging from post-explosion Beirut to a Parc-Extension balcony in summer, the verse and prose poems in The Good Arabs ground the reader in place, language, and the body. Peeling and rinsing radishes. Dancing as a pre-teen to Nancy Ajram. Being drenched in stares on the city ... Read more

How Beautiful People Are

By Pirani Ayaz

In How Beautiful People Are, his third collection, Ayaz Pirani continues to write his people's pothi: a trans-national, inter-generational poetry of post-colonial love and loss animated by the syncretizing figure of Kabir and drawn from the extraordinary diwan of ginan and granth ... Read more

lisan al'asfour

By natalie hanna

Beginning, and ending, with moving invocations for acceptance, Natalie Hanna?s lisan?alsfour (bird?s tongue), introduces a personal concept of creation around loss, confirming identity, and matrilineal questions of the child of a single mother forced to immigrate to Canada from ... Read more

Mirrors of Absence

By Faraj Bayrakdar
Translated by John Mikhail Asfour

Mirrors of Absence taps into three under-examined subjects: issues concerning how the poet survives under tyrannical regimes; how the notion of “imprisonment” affects identity; and the concept of freedom that is so essential to every human being. -- John Mikhail Asfour

Pistachios in My Pocket

By Sareh Farmand

Poet Sareh Farmand was born in Tehran at the start of the Islamic Revolution. In this brave first collection of poems and prose a narrative arc details her family's escape from Iran, detailing their time as immigrants in limbo, and finally, as Landed Immigrants in Canada. Using ... Read more

Text Messages

By Yassin “Narcy”  Alsalman


Text Messages is the first multi-genre collection by Montreal-based Iraqi hip-hop artist, activist, and professor Yassin “Narcy” Alsalman.

Composed entirely on a smartphone during air travel and married to artwork from comrades, Narcy’s writing speaks of the existential ... Read more

To Love a Palestinian Woman

By Ehab Lotayef

Inspired by the rich poetic tradition of the author's native Arab culture, To Love a Palestinian Woman includes works written over eight years. Richly evocative and often passionate, these poems can be described as personal and romantic, as well as public and political. While ... Read more

Wanting in Arabic

By Trish Salah

Winner of the Lambda Literary Award, Transgender Fiction, 2014

Wanting in Arabic is a refusal of convenient silences, convenient stories. The author dwells on the contradictions of a transsexual poetics, in its attendant disfigurations of lyric, ghazal, l'ecriture feminine, and, ... Read more