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By Daniel Sarah Karasik

A non-binary faun wishes their body had a variety of sex organs, interchangeable daily. A prison abolitionist scrutinizes Rothko paintings on the carceral state's boardroom walls. The insurrectionary tactics of mass social movements spread, like a secret handshake, from Chile ... Read more


By John Barton

"Polari," from the Italian "polare" ("to talk") is a coded language, originating in the UK and dating as far back as the 16th century. Overheard in outdoor markets, the theatre, fairgrounds, and circuses, it was appropriated by gay men to provide them with cover as well as with ... Read more


By Simina Banu

Softening concrete poetry with humour and tenderness, POP takes an uncommon perspective on modern poetic traditions, combining deft lyricism with visual poems for a playful romp.

POP rummages through the stale Cheetos after the love poem: what remains? What never existed to begin ... Read more

Quivering Land

By Roewan Crowe
Illustrated by Paul Robles

Roewan Crowe's compelling and haunting literary debut, Quivering Land, is a rather queer Western, engaging with poetics and politics to reckon with the legacies of violence and colonization in the West.

Written in a sparse style, this lonely, sometimes brutal book invites the ... Read more

Ritual Lights

By Joelle Barron

Longlisted, Gerald Lampert Memorial Award

On "A Girl Like This Might Have Loved Glenn Gould":
"The poem sits up at its greasy-spoon counter and recounts its tale, a kind of cryptic plain-speech, an inverted code, all the more puzzling for what it plainly says: 'Under a spell ... Read more

Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe

By Marcus McCann

Half wisecracking tour guide and half flirtatious trick, the poems in Shut Up Slow Down Let Go Breathe examine how we respond to overwork and overstimulation. McCann’s third collection speaks to a world that is too busy and too anxious, delivering the material with zero reverence ... Read more

Sideshow Concessions

By Lucas Crawford

Sideshow Concessions is the first book from queer performer and scholar Lucas Crawford. A collection populated by the circus-like bodies and experiences of a narrator navigating rural pasts and urban presents, Sideshow Concessions is the unofficial story of someone who is ... Read more

Smaller Hours

By Kevin Shaw

Stately and majestic, yet scuffed with wear and disillusion, the poems of Smaller Hours mount the sky like columns and fora of some archaic ruin. Through these ancient halls, Kevin Shaw tracks Eros, clearing away the rubble and polishing the marble, along the way exploring queer ... Read more

Soft where

By Marcus McCann

Soft Where by Marcus McCann is a hard-hitting cutting edge poetic expose of a world filled with experimentation and valour. This stunning book explores the possibilities of bringing image to life, written in the language of the people and soaked in a heart of sapphire. The ... Read more

Sotto Voce

By Maureen Hynes

Poems that give full attention to a world in shambles, a world in which "mercy is failing. "

Maureen Hynes, in her fifth book of poetry, speaks tenderly yet vehemently about the threatened worlds that concern her. From Toronto, where she lives and walks the city's afflicted watershed, ... Read more