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Nothing Will Save Your Life

By Nancy Jo Cullen

Nothing Will Save Your Life is an explosion of pop culture, femininity, sex, religion and motherhood held together with humour and lightened with fragments of joy. This a collection deeply rooted in the messy day-to-day of life but takes on serious issues such as body image, ... Read more


By Julie Joosten

Finalist for the 2021 Nelson Ball Prize

Nought, the new poetry collection by Governor General's Literary Award finalist Julie Joosten, explores the intersections of body, identity, and love in poems that grapple with mysteries of neurology and metaphysics. Here the materiality ... Read more


By bill bissett

Celebrated since the 1960s for pushing linguistic boundaries, bill bissett describes this book as “a novel with connekting pomes n essays. ” This interweaving of fact and fiction creates a narrative that is redolent with surprise and discovery. Its three-part “fictional” ... Read more


By Nicole Fong

ORACULE occurs at the intersection of poetry and theatre. Its characters inhabit a classical and cosmological world where psychic phenomena constantly threaten to impinge upon the arc of combat occurring between the women trapped within. Influenced by Friedrich Nietzsche’s ... Read more


By Ben Ladouceur

His body, like yours, would lie
mute as a plum
until a vigilant limb came
to a decision. As you might have guessed
I've come to one myself.

Moving from the absurdity of the First World War to the chaos of today’s cities, where men share beds, bottles of ouzo and shade from willow ... Read more


By Nicole Fong

PERFACT is a series in three parts, beginning with an interrogation into the structure of experience, language, and identity. The title poem, “PERFACT,” is an approach to materiality and consciousness in which each intersect, partaking in a coded interchange. This interchange ... Read more

Pit, The

By Tara Borin

Set in a small-town, sub-Arctic dive bar, this debut poetry collection explores the complexities of addiction and the person beneath, and the possibility of finding home and community in unexpected places. Among Borin’s poems are portraits of the bar’s regular customers ... Read more

Playing into Silence

By Tina Biello

Growing up during the 50s and 60s in small town Alberta, Pam was keenly aware, by the age of nine, that she was a lesbian. And she also knew well to hide this about herself. Pam would search for books on the "The Island of Lesbos", only to return from the library with a copy ... Read more


By Daniel Sarah Karasik

A non-binary faun wishes their body had a variety of sex organs, interchangeable daily. A prison abolitionist scrutinizes Rothko paintings on the carceral state's boardroom walls. The insurrectionary tactics of mass social movements spread, like a secret handshake, from Chile ... Read more