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Any Waking Morning

By Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes

The poems in Any Waking Morning probe deeply into love, loss, and life's darker dilemmas. They seek pathways and meaning, interrogate endings and life changes, and tap the creative energy engendered through art's ekphrastic cycles. While foregrounding the influence of contemporary ... Read more


By Pamela Mordecai

Toronto writer Pamela Mordecai is a well-known voice in poetry of the Caribbean diaspora. She has long been a popular anthologist, a mentor to other writers, a frequent contributor to literary journals, and a vital link between the literary worlds of Canada and Jamaica; Certifiable ... Read more

de book of Mary

By Pamela Mordecai

de book of Mary is an epic poem in Jamaican Creole based on the Biblical story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The first book of a trilogy, Pamela Mordecai?s de book of Mary covers Mary?s life from her early years, through the arrival of the Archangel Gabriel and the birth of Yeshua, ... Read more

Hallucinations in the Alfalfa and Other Poems

Translated by Hugh Hazelton
By Griselda Garcia

The poetry of Griselda García is a hallucinatory journey through a landscape haunted by startling images of sensuality and desolation, humour and conflict, passion and suffering. Her lyrical, shifting visions, interwoven by a subtle, intermittent narrative line, touch on fear, ... Read more

In Your Crib

By Austin Clarke

Two black men: the poet, an elder and veteran of last century?s civil rights movement; and a nameless youth, swaggering and beltless, seduced by guns-and-gangs and expensive cars, and perpetually targeted by police. They are brothers by the colour of their skin, neighbours in ... Read more

Love in a Time of Technology

By Sasenarine Persaud

Whether in the heart of downtown Toronto, a bookstore in Boston, the courtyard of the Taj Mahal--through the portals of cyberspace--on the banks of a Tampa river, or a journey through time to Georgetown, an old Caribbean colonial capital, love circumscribes everything. From ... Read more

Monsoon on the Fingers of God

By Sasenarine Persaud

Set against the backdrop of the 2014 Scottish referendum, Monsoon on the Fingers of God continues an ongoing exploration of forms and improvisation on styles, rhythm/taal, and raagic moods in an examination of identity, history and human migrations.Monsoon on the Fingers of ... Read more

Redemption Rain

By Jennifer Rahim

Engaging with a broad range of human experience and concerns, Redemption Rain invites the reader into its profound epiphanies through patient revisitation and introspection. Rahim's voice weaves the explosive power of her lively Trinidadian Creole with the searching intensity ... Read more


By Nancy Anne Miller

With visual imagery that matches the vivid subject matter of her island home, Nancy Anne Miller writes about a colonial childhood within the echoes of empire, the shadow of slavery and the complexity of island life which tourism has glossed over. She recounts the effect of the ... Read more