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Monkey Ranch

By Julie Bruck

Winner of the 2012 Governor General’s Award for Poetry, a Globe 100 Book for 2012, shortlisted for Pat Lowther Memorial Award and CAA Award for Poetry 2013. Comic and sober by turns, these poems ask uswhat is sufficient, what will suffice?… a mandrill, a middle-aged woman, ... Read more


By Marlene Cookshaw

An award-winning poet’s day-book of poems, where both bounty and loss are tenderly assigned value. Marlene Cookshaw, in her first collection of poetry in more than a decade, invites her readers to partake in a long-anticipated harvest that comes in many forms. Whether she’s ... Read more

Museum of Kindness

By Susan Elmslie

A meditative and piercing collection that explores traumas both ordinary and out of the ordinary. Museum of Kindness, Montreal poet Susan Elmslie’s searching second collection of poetry, is a book that bravely examines “genres” familiar and hard to fathom: the school shooting, ... Read more

Narrow Cradle

By Wade Kearley

In Narrow Cradle, Wade Kearley explores the midlife encounter with mortality and the ways we strive to resist, deny, cheat, and even bargain with it. Grounded in both traditional and modern poetic forms, ... Read more


By Sue Goyette

Winner of the 2012 Pat Lowther Memorial AwardWinner of the 2012 Atlantic Poetry PrizeSue Goyette's outskirts is a tour de force. Its originality lies in Goyette's refusal of despair, her conviction that the connections among people, their conversation, curiosity, empathy and ... Read more

Pale as Real Ladies

By Joan Crate

In powerful language that reflects the conflicts between the primitive and the sophisticated, Joan Crate redreams the passions which animated and tormented her famous predecessor. Part white, part Mohawk princess, Pauline Johnson /Tekahionwake would perform her poems first in ... Read more

Red With Living

By Diane Driedger

In this compelling collection of poems and art, the colour of living is red with excitement, pain, sunsets, blood, and tropical flowers. Along the way, the poet  paints herself into the works of Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet and Maud Lewis. Diane Driedger confronts ... Read more


By Deanna Young

Poems that unfold like liturgy, confronting old violence with a trembling, dignified restraint.

Robinson's Crossing

By Jan Zwicky

The poems in this book arise from Robinson’s Crossing — the place where the railway ends and European settlers arriving in northern Alberta had to cross the Pembina River and advance by wagon or on foot. How have we crossed into this country, with what violence and what ... Read more

Short Talks

By Anne Carson

Deluxe redesign of the two-time Griffin Award winner's first poetry collection. Includes new material. On the occasion of the press's 40th anniversary, Brick Books is proud to present the first of six new editions of classic books from our back catalogue. This new edition of ... Read more