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Whiskey Bullets

By Garry Gottfriedson

Eloquent, poignant and witty, Garry Gottfriedson's new collection of poetry, Whiskey Bullets, approaches an old genre with a new flare that will challenge your expectations of cowboy poetry. This edgy collection explores themes of duality that exist in the parallel worlds of ... Read more

Whistle for Jellyfish

By Field Stone Poets

Whistle for Jellyfish is a poetry collection written by six award-winning poets - Sylvia Adams, Brock Currie, Gill Foss, Glenn Kletke, Barbara Myers, and Margaret Malloch Zielinski. Their decision to write a collection of travel poems was based on a desire to share experiences ... Read more

Whistle Stops

By Emily Izsak

Whistle Stops: A Locomotive Serial Poem occurs over a series of train rides between Toronto and London, Ontario. Each segment of the poem, marked by a time stamp and train number, occupies one train ride. Whistle Stops explores the connections between forward motion as a function ... Read more

White Linen Remembered

By Marya Fiamengo

Marya Fiamengo is one of Canada's truly fine poets. For nearly four decades, she has been publishing poetry of unusual distinctiveness. Intelligent, richly evocative, formidable in its clarity, lyrical and yet austere, the voice in Fiamengo's poems is like no other in Canadian ... Read more

White Piano

By Nicole Brossard
Translated by Robert Majzels & Erin Moure

language I'll say yes
from the top of my rib cage
language will you come
out and unearth the salt the certitude

Between the verbs quivering and streaming, White Piano unfolds its variations like musical scores. A play of resonance between pronouns and persons, freely percussive ... Read more

White Porcupine

By Phil Hall

Two porcupines walk into a bar. No, wait. One porcupine walks into a bar. Well, actually, it's a poet. And he walks into a library. He opens books and shakes them until they look like porcupines dancing. He is looking for old photos to eat. He likes the salt taste of the chemicals. ... Read more


By George Murray


Poetry that explores how accidental voyeurism can force reconsideration and reconciliation

White·out: n. a surface condition … in which no object casts a shadow, the horizon cannot be seen, and only dark objects are discernible …

Whiteout: when the heavy weather of daily ... Read more

Who We Thought We Were As We Fell

By Michael Lithgow

In this second poetry collection by Michael Lithgow, intimations of something numinous and larger than life jostle with the material demands of the everyday, sparking an uncertainty about what lurks at the edges of things, if anything at all. The poems drift in the tension between ... Read more

Whole Singing Ocean, The

By Jessica Moore

Part long poem, part investigation, this true story begins with a whale encounter and then dives into the affair of the École en bateau, a French countercultural school aboard a boat. The École was based on the ideals of ’68, but also twisted ideas about child psychology, ... Read more

Why I Was Late

By Charlie Petch

Winner of the 2022 ReLit Award for Poetry

With kitchen-table candour and empathy, Charlie Petch's debut collection of poems offers witness to a decades-long trans/personal coming of age, finding heroes in unexpected places.

Why I Was Late fuses text with performance, brings a ... Read more