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When This World Comes to an End

By Kate Cayley

Poems that journey through a tapestry of myths, archetypes and fables; of histories invented and revisited.

Kate Cayley's is a mind both studious and curious, deeply attuned to the question "what if?" What if Nick Drake and Emily Dickinson met in the afterlife? What if a respected ... Read more

When We Were Old

By Peter Unwin

At every stage of life, there are moments when we are old: moments of stunning, tragic, sardonic clarity, when the confusion of our existence settles to the ground and the world is made manifest to us in all its pitilessness and absurdity.

When We Were Old is a parade of such ... Read more

Where the Baedeker Leads

By James Yeku

Where the Baedeker Leads uncovers the many delicate layers that lie in the spaces between departures and arrivals, offering memories and stories. Whether it's about journeys, personal transition, or changes in the seasons, the aim in these poems is to draw attention to the personal ... Read more

Where the Words Come From

Edited by Tim Bowling

In April, 2000, when the celebrated Canadian poet Al Purdy died, Alberta writer Tim Bowling decided that the best way to pay homage to Purdy would be to devote an entire book to the many fine poets still living and writing in Canada. Where the Words Come From is a comprehensive ... Read more

Wherever We Mean To Be

By Robyn Sarah

A four-decade retrospective from the winner of the 2015 Governor General's Literary Award for poetry.

Spanning forty years and ten previously published collections, Wherever We Mean to Be is the first substantial selection of Robyn Sarah’s poems since 1992. Chosen by the author, ... Read more

Whiskey Bullets

By Garry Gottfriedson

Eloquent, poignant and witty, Garry Gottfriedson's new collection of poetry, Whiskey Bullets, approaches an old genre with a new flare that will challenge your expectations of cowboy poetry. This edgy collection explores themes of duality that exist in the parallel worlds of ... Read more

Whistle for Jellyfish

By Field Stone Poets

Whistle for Jellyfish is a poetry collection written by six award-winning poets - Sylvia Adams, Brock Currie, Gill Foss, Glenn Kletke, Barbara Myers, and Margaret Malloch Zielinski. Their decision to write a collection of travel poems was based on a desire to share experiences ... Read more

Whistle Stops

By Emily Izsak

Whistle Stops: A Locomotive Serial Poem occurs over a series of train rides between Toronto and London, Ontario. Each segment of the poem, marked by a time stamp and train number, occupies one train ride. Whistle Stops explores the connections between forward motion as a function ... Read more

White Linen Remembered

By Marya Fiamengo

Marya Fiamengo is one of Canada's truly fine poets. For nearly four decades, she has been publishing poetry of unusual distinctiveness. Intelligent, richly evocative, formidable in its clarity, lyrical and yet austere, the voice in Fiamengo's poems is like no other in Canadian ... Read more