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Winter Cranes

By Chris Banks

Inspired by a group of herons resting near the author's home towards the end of a long and difficult winter, this collection of poems employs the crane — the symbol of longevity, immortality, and good fortune in Asian folklore — as its dominant image. Questions such as How ... Read more

Winter Sport

By Priscila Uppal

Have you ever wondered what a luge poem or snowboarding poem or hockey poem would look like? In this collection by celebrated poet Priscila Uppal, who was the poet-in-residence for Canadian Athletes Now during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games, physical and verbal acrobatics ... Read more

Winter Tennis

By Todd Swift

This book is about, among other things, reaching that age, usually thirty to forty, when you suddenly see right through yourself. With Swift, this moment of unobstructed vision is accompanied by a fresh view of others. He casts away youthful ‘cool’ and tenderly mourns his ... Read more


By Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

In 1982 Pier Giorgio Di Cicco entered a monastery and didn't break publishing silence for fifteen years. In 2004 he was elected Poet Laureate of the City of Toronto and went on to become a renowned speaker on urban design and the future of cities. In 2017 he moved into the oldest ... Read more

Witch of the Inner Wood, The

By M. Lane

Winner, New Brunswick Book Award for Poetry
A Quill & Quire Best Book of the Year

Like the novella in fiction, the long poem is an oft-neglected form. Too long for publication in most literary journals and anthologies, too short to merit book-length publication, the long poem ... Read more

With English Subtitles

By Carmine Starnino

With English Subtitles is Carmine Starnino at his most inventive. The poems in this collection are exceptionally focused, musical and inviting. Household objects, Italian relatives, Yukon landscapes, worst-case scenarios and relationships are pushed onto the page with new-found ... Read more

with wax

By derek beaulieu

Quill pen, linotype, computer: does how you write affect what you write? In with wax, derek beaulieu spurns the sentence and woos the phrase, the image and the language of printing, weaving fragments together to address the question of how publishing and printing affect writing. ... Read more


By Chantal Gibson

with/holding is a collection of genre-blurring poems that examines the representation and reproduction of Blackness across communication media and popular culture. Together, text and image call up a nightmarish and seemingly insatiable buzzing-clicking-scrolling-sharing appetite ... Read more

Without Blue

By Chris D'Iorio

The poetry in Without Blue is postmodern in approach, but informed not only by theory and wide referentiality, but a groundedness in experience and social and political concerns. D’Iorio is a mature writer who waited a long time to perfect his art and craft and developed a ... Read more

Without Ceremony

By Angela Carr

Centred on the everyday, and crafted without preamble or pretension, the poems in Without Ceremony are a literary pastiche—a thematic mosaic not unlike tracks on an album. Amidst a timeless cast of characters from Lucretius and Eva Hesse, to Joan Mitchell and St. Augustine, ... Read more