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How to Avoid Huge Ships

By Julie Bruck

Both “grave and brave, serious and hilarious”—new poems from a Governor General’s Award–winning poet.


By John Barton

A journey in search of love through the contemporary homoerotic male body.

Improvising on a variety of poetic forms and traversing disparate landscapes - from Belfast to the clear-cuts of Vancouver Island, from the subterranean heat of Jules Verne's Iceland to the ventriloquism ... Read more

I Am the Big Heart

By Sarah Venart

A love story to the emotional self—this heart is tender, but it also has a savage bite.


What does it mean to be the big heart? Or to hope to be the big heart? Or to fail to be that big heart? How far can a heart stretch? How does being a parent stretch it further? How does ... Read more

If You Discover a Fire

By Shaun Robinson

Precision-built poems that attempt CPR on their own irregular meter, on their own unreliable meaning. Vancouver poet Shaun Robinson’s If You Discover a Fire is a debut collection of poems that make a virtue of their failure to communicate. They forage through the syntax and ... Read more

Immigrant Blues

By Goran Simic

Immigrant Blues, an extension and deepening of the famous poems of the siege of Sarajevo translated in Simic's Sprinting from the Graveyard (Oxford, 1997), explores the personal and the public devastations of war, especially its effects on the emotions, thoughts and memories ... Read more


By Michelle Porter

In poems that risk the comingling of anger and elegy, poetry and documentation, humour and the dark spectre of poverty, Michelle Porter’s Inquiries oscillates ... Read more

Is This Scary?

By Jacob Scheier


A challenging exploration of mental illness and disability from Governor General’s Award winner Jacob Scheier.

Is This Scary? digs deep into internal landscapes of suffering, including depression and anxiety, chronic physical ailment, and rare neurological malady. With its ... Read more


By Mendelson Joe


“Fearless and direct, tender and loving — the marriage of these forces is electric. In Joetry, Mendelson Joe fixes his gaze on the beauty in people, nature, work, love, deeds, words, and accountability — the often unheralded, everyday stuff of life. He is casting a wide ... Read more

Lake of Two Mountains

By Arleen Paré

Lake of Two Mountains, Arleen Paré's second poetry collection, is a portrait of a lake, of a relationship to a lake, of a network of relationships around a lake. It maps, probes and applauds the riparian region of central Canadian geography that lies between the Ottawa and ... Read more

Modern and Normal

By Karen Solie

Shortlisted for the 2006 Trillium Book Award for Poetry and longlisted for the 2006 ReLit Awards. A Globe 100 title in 2005. In Modern and Normal, Karen Solie takes her on-the-road fascination with being between places to a new level, exploring conceptual and perceptual states ... Read more