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Animal Husbandry Today

By Jamie Sharpe


An accessible and illuminating debut collection that explores the arranged marriage of the bestial and humane

Logic is strained, existence contracts and multiplies, connections amputate then graft in incongruous ways in Jamie Sharpe’s poems, which, like a funhouse mirror, ... Read more

Another Country / bloom

By Guillermo Verdecchia

Guillermo Verdecchia’s first play, Another Country (originally Final Decisions [War] ), was his response to his home country Argentina’s Dirty War in 1976?83, when leaders of the military junta held that their campaign against ?leftist subversives and terrorists” was the ... Read more

Another Name for Bridge

By Suzanne Hancock

Suzanne Hancock's debut collection of poems seeks to explore seemingly disparate things: family bonds, self deceit, lost desire, and the final days of Descartes' life. With precision and urgent honesty these poems take us from an apple orchard in summer, to a Dutch slaughterhouse, ... Read more


By Helen Humphreys

Winner of the 2000 Canadian Authors Association Award for Poetry and shortlisted for the 2000 Pat Lowther Award and the 2001 Milton Acorn Memorial People’s Poetry PrizePhysical and fiercely lyric, Helen Humphreys' Anthem is a litany of want. A song of poverty and of desire, ... Read more


By Ray Hsu

The poems in Anthropy fuse the scope of classical traditions to the disturbing agility of the moderns. Hsu artfully presents the fierce rigour of the philosophical mind engaged with the survival of histories.

Anthropy, Ray Hsu's first book-length collection, is a work of extraordinary ... Read more

Antonyms for Daughter

By Jenny Boychuk

Antonyms for Daughter, Jenny Boychuk's poetry debut, addresses a harrowing subject: the loss of the poet's mother to addiction. Deploying a range of forms and techniques astonishing in a first collection, Boychuk creates unsparing scenes of their complicated life together. Poem ... Read more

Any Waking Morning

By Mary Lou Soutar-Hynes

The poems in Any Waking Morning probe deeply into love, loss, and life's darker dilemmas. They seek pathways and meaning, interrogate endings and life changes, and tap the creative energy engendered through art's ekphrastic cycles. While foregrounding the influence of contemporary ... Read more

Anything but the Moon

By George Sipos

George Sipos is acutely aware that life, in its strangeness and beauty, will always elude whatever he can say about it. Exploring northern British Columbia, the mountains, harsh winters and human isolation, the tension between the humble recognition that words are inadequate ... Read more

Apocalypse One Hundred

By Richard Scarsbrook

Welcome to the Apocolypse! and it has arrived, not with a bang, but with the white noise hum of tabloid news and and the promise of the internet. Richard Scarsbrooks Apocalypse One Hundred strips back the veneer of our screen filled lives to expose every nip and tuck. Each one ... Read more

Apollinaire's Speech to the War Medic

By Jake Kennedy

Apollinaire's Speech to the War Medic is to Canadian poetry what Francis Ponge's steaming brioches are to Parisian cobblestone. In other words, this is a book that revels in the that-which-gets-left-behind and is just plain old fascinated with the plop of things. Metaphor is ... Read more