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Sweet Water

Edited by Yvonne Blomer

"Sweet Water: Poems for the Watersheds" gathers the voices of poets from across Canada, the US and the UK who write of water. Bottled, clouded, held in rain, in river, estuary and lake, sweet water is the planet's life force and the poets here examine it from every angle--the ... Read more

the art of breathing underwater

By Cathy Ford

Long-listed for the 2011 ReLit Poetry Award

In this long-awaited book by a major Canadian poet, Ford celebrates the beauty of nature and love, acknowledges the tragedy of living, and listens visually with the ear to the heart, using the rope of her long lines and attention to ... Read more

The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry

Contributions by Ken Babstock, Michael Crummey, Mary Dalton, Tom Dawe, Richard Greene, Carmelita McGrath, Al Pittman, Sue Sinclair, John Steffler, Agnes Walsh, Patrick Warner
Edited by James Langer, and James Callanan

Gathering the strongest poetry published by Newfoundlanders since the death of E. J. Pratt in 1964, The Breakwater Book of Contemporary Newfoundland Poetry features selections from twelve of the province’s most impressive poets, including Al Pittman, Tom Dawe, Mary Dalton, ... Read more

The Calgary Renaissance

Edited by derek beaulieu & rob mclennan

An anthology highlighting some of the experimental and avant-garde poetry and fiction that has emerged out of the past two decades of Calgary writing. An essential portrait of some of the most engaged and radical of Canadian writing and writers from one of the country's most ... Read more

The Heart Is Improvisational

Edited by Carol Lipszyc
By Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane

Poets attribute an array of roles and capacities to the involuntary muscle. The heart becomes a repository of erotic and familial love and a sanctuary for memory. The poets explore the flux of the heart's responses and instigations: the heart's tender overtures, its joyous pulse, ... Read more

The Mind's Eye

Edited by Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

?So I thought, why don’t we do a competition? And so we did. And that was the beginning of its history.” ? Bob Weaver, creator of the CBC Literary Awards ?I’m personally convinced that I would never have become a writer had it not been for the encouragement of the CBC. ... Read more

The New Long Poem Anthology (Second Edition)

Edited by Sharon Thesen

The long poem, nowadays, is the talk of various discourses with each other: ?A poem is a small painting, a long poem is a mural. ”

The second edition of The New Long Poem Anthology is an irreplaceable roadmap of a vital and powerful poetic form, a record of the most seductive ... Read more

The Revolving City

Edited by Wayde Compton & Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Finalist for the City of Vancouver Book AwardThe Revolving City: 51 Poems and the Stories Behind Them is a vibrant and diverse collection from a who's who of the west coast poetry scene. The poems assembled here range from the lyric to the experimental and address the theme ... Read more

the weight of dew

By Daniela Elza

In the weight of dew, Daniela Elza’s remarkably elegant debut book of poetry, we are taken on a literal, metaphorical and philosophical journey from the city, inland through (mostly) British Columbia. In the miles and meditations Elza’s poems travel light, with the ‘shape ... Read more

This is the Moon’s Work

By Diana Hayes

This is the Moon’s Work showcases Diana Hayes new work and a selection of poetry from early out-of print books. Diana’s themes are rooted in both the inner and outer worlds of nature and the psyche. Many of her new poems have been inspired by her practice of year-round, ocean ... Read more