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Aiken Drum

By Peter Sanger

In his sixth collection of poetry, Peter Sanger brings his archaeologist’s eye, along with classical and local iconography, to his encounters with domestic implements, local ecology, cultural relics and landmarks. The poems in this collection achieve a delicate balance between ... Read more

Air is Elastic, The

By Ella Zeltserman

Ella Zetsermann's latest collection of poetry pushes and pulls, stretches taught and snaps back upon the weight of history and the struggle to place oneself in the here and now. From her mother's kitchen to medieval Granada, The Air Is Elastic follows a life exiled from the familiar ... Read more

Akia: The Other Side

By Norma Dunning

In this poetry collection, the author honours Inuit who lay in the past, and Inuit who are with us now and most importantly the Inuit who are waiting to come to us. The author believes it is not okay that Inuit children and adults died and were buried in unmarked graves, their ... Read more

Al Pittman: Collected Poems

By Al Pittman

From the publication of his first collection, The Elusive Resurrection, in 1966, to his death in 2001 at the age of sixty-one, Al Pittman stood as one of the most respected and admired poets in Newfoundland. This definitive edition spans nearly four decades of poetic production, ... Read more

Alert to Glory

By Sally Ito

Plunging deep into the soul, Sally Ito renders a spiritual examination like no other in her new poetry collection, Alert to Glory. With this cohesive meditation of creativity, motherhood and poetry, Ito discerns spiritual gifts in daily acts of raising children and writing. ... Read more

Alien, Correspondent

By Antony Di Nardo

This arresting first collection is, in part, a delicately balanced look at Beirut from the perspective of a Westerner who lives and works in that remarkable city. Whether writing about the Middle East or about domestic life, Di Nardo refuses to romanticize; he doesn't moralize ... Read more

All Day I Dream About Sirens

By Domenica Martinello

From Homer to Starbucks, a look at sirens and mermaids and feminism and consumerism. What started as a small sequence of poems about the Starbucks logo grew to monstrous proportions after the poet fell under a siren spell herself. All Day I Dream About Sirens is both an ancient ... Read more

All I Can Say for Sure

By John McAuley

The poems in McAuley's All I Can Say for Sure range from personal archaeology and elegiac fictions of free translations to grammar wordplay for the initiated to a compassionately ironic look at the passing of life to rewired material extensions of our inner and outer spaces. ... Read more

All I Have Learned is Where I Have Been

By Joe Fiorito

All I Have Learned Is Where I Have Been, Joe Fiorito’s second collection, establishes him as the preeminent chronicler of people in extremis. Drawing on the precison and unsentimentality that have become hallmarks of his poetry, Fiorito creates uncompromising mini-narratives ... Read more

All I Want Is a Walk-On Part

By LaMonte Palmer

The writing of poetry is most often a calling of youth — passionate, distracted, purblind — rather than that of age, with its clarity, credible regret, and wisdom. What we may need more of is a senior poetry, a poetry of genuine felt experience that is for everybody, not ... Read more