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After Jack

By Garry Thomas Morse

Jack Spicer, the barroom soothsayer of the ?Berkeley Renaissance,” forged a new kind of poetry with Robert Duncan and Robin Blaser in the decade 1945?1955, grounded in their ?queer genealogy” of Arthur Rimbaud, Federico García Lorca and other gay writers. Beginning his ... Read more

After Ted & Sylvia

By Crystal Hurdle

One of the greatest mad, sad literary love affairs of the twentieth century was that between poets Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes. In her collection of poems, Hurdle adapts her own research on their lives to explore the love and loss in this relationship of poetic collaboration ... Read more

After the Hatching Oven

By David Alexander

After the Hatching Oven explores chickens: their evolution as a domesticated species; their place in history, pop culture and industrial agriculture; their exploitation and their liberation. Alexander takes us deep into the world of this common species, examining every conceivable ... Read more

After Words

By Stan Rogal

The idea for this collection was to offer a tip of the hat to people whose lives and/or works have influenced the author. Each piece is forwarded by a short background story as well as an epigram which provides some descriptive entry and flavour. The key was to construct these ... Read more


By R. Kolewe

Lovers wrote letters. Letters crossed absence, longing, joy, passion, loss and heartbreak. Sometimes letters were answered. Sometimes not. And sometimes not for years, but then -

In 1948, in the exhausted aftermath of WWII, the poets Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann met in Vienna. ... Read more

Against the Flight of Spring

By Allan Briesmaster

Through a dazzling variety of poetic forms and styles, this book restlessly explores such themes as identity, personal growth, love and friendship, Canadian landscape, climate change, visual art, and the roots of poetry itself, in moods of anxious and impassioned questioning, ... Read more

Against the Hard Angle

By matt robinson

The two sections that comprise matt robinson’s fourth full-length volume of poetry, Against the Hard Angle, though disparate in terms of form ? the first consisting primarily of a long poem; the other a collection of shorter lyrical pieces ? nonetheless share a common concern ... Read more

Aging Cheerleader's Alphabet, The

By Jeanette Lynes

In The Aging Cheerleader's Alphabet, Lynes has crafted a moving portrait of a woman whose humour and chutzpah challenge a world that sees her as a relic of another age. Part nostalgia, part cultural critique with respect to women's experience of aging, Lynes' Cheerleader does ... Read more

Agnes in the sky

In Brandt’s second book of poetry, the raw vioce of repression gives way to a “healed heart. ”“These poems achieve that delicate balance between resistance and affirmation, where opposites are not rejected but burn passionately and sustain each other, as they do in our ... Read more


By Steven Zultanski

Agony is the first in a trilogy of long confessional poems. It uses semi-rigorous mathematical and logical constraints to view the author's life and body, telescopically, as little bits of time and space. Everything written here is as true as possible - that is to say, pretty ... Read more