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Ad Sanctos

By bp Nichol

All of Nichol's work is stamped by his desire to create texts that are engaging in themselves as well as in context, and to use indirect structural and textual devices to carry meaning. In The Martyrology different ways of speaking testify to a journey through different ways ... Read more

Adagio for the Horizon

By Laurelyn Whitt

The horizon is a type of boundary phenomenon. This book embraces the horizon literally understood, as the apparent boundary between earth and sky. It also draws on various metaphorical horizons, tracing the limits of human perception, knowledge and experience. It is especially ... Read more

Adult Language Warning

By William Robertson

At the time of writing this book, William Robertson was a homemaker. His poems bring a new passion to the ancient domestic scene, and to everything else he looks at out of that often-turbulent centre. He ventures with care "into a swelling sea/ of silted meanings" equipped with ... Read more

Adultery Poems, The

By Nancy Holmes

Adultery with its pleasure, pain and outrage! No one writes the poetry of adultery as does Nancy Holmes. For her guide, she takes the poet Ovid who schools her in his tender cynicism and teaches her the art of love.

Aesthetics Lesson

By Christopher Doda

Ranging in form from elegy to satire to metaphysics to blues, Christopher Doda's latest book, Aesthetics Lesson, is an exciting meditation on art and power. His poems investigate the Ôunnamed cities of light' created by the artist, reflecting and dissecting how the creative ... Read more


By Catherine Graham

In Aether Catherine Graham has created a luminous homage to family, to cancer and to the strange windings of truth. Swimming through time and space, Graham introduces her mother, her father and herself and the cancers that pull them apart and bring them together. Memories mesh ... Read more

Africadian History

By George Elliott Clarke

A brief tribute to the artistic legacy of African Nova Scotians, featuring Clarke’s signature abundance and zany spirit.

After 10,000 Years, Desire

By François Charron
Translated by Bruce Whiteman & Francis Farley-Chevrier

François Charron is one of Quebec's best known and most admired poets. Born in Longueuil across the river from Montreal in 1952, he has published prolifically as a poet and is also known as a painter. He has long been associated with the group of poets who publish with Les ... Read more

After Beowulf

By Nicole Markotić

hwæt, another Beowulf translation? Not exactly…

Welcome to Denmark’s Heorot Hall, where King Hrothgar invites to his banquet table everyone but Grendel, Saxon’s cradle-made monster. Dissing this ur-outsider initiates a predictable and monstrous backlash, a Mediæval fracas ... Read more