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Wrecks of Eden, The

By Catherine Owen

Owen mourns The Lost and reflects upon civilization's habits of ecocide.

Writing Cultural Difference

Edited by Giulia De Gasperi & Maria Cristina Seccia

Writing Cultural Difference is a welcome addition to Canadian literary studies. The publication of this volume certainly dispels the belief that Italian-Canadian writing was a passing phenomenon three decades ago. The new generation of writers no longer focuses on immigration ... Read more

Writing the Common

By Multiple Authors

In 1763, King George III granted 235 acres of common land “for the use of the inhabitants of the Town of Halifax forever. ” This anthology celebrates the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the Halifax Common by collecting an impressive offering of poems about the ... Read more

Writing the Tides

By Kevin Roberts

Speaking of Kevin Roberts, the Australian writer Nigel Krauth says, "Roberts takes the common man's point of view and proves that humanity is still connected to the great turning of the universe." Certainly this "New and Selected" provides ample evidence of Roberts' sense of ... Read more


By Shane Rhodes

One of the first lines of X, Shane Rhodes' sixth book of poetry, is a warning: "this book of verse demands more of verse, this book demands perversity." He goes on to write:

This book is about where I live, a place still settling, still making the land--law by law, arrest by ... Read more


By Dani Couture

YAW marks a sharp departure in tone and structure from Dani Couture's previous two acclaimed poetry collections. An almost singular narrative runs through these quiet, powerful poems, a narrative that seeks to examine how far we must go to answer the questions closest to us, ... Read more

Year of My Disappearance, The

By Carole David
Translated by Donald Winkler

Carole David's The Year of My Disappearance is a searing, surreal, darkly comic descent into a woman's psyche: as pitiless an assault on her own torments and pretences as it is on those figures lodged in her memory: lovers, strangers, her own mother, Bosch-like apparitions out ... Read more

Year Zero

By Brian Henderson

Year Zero is the time of hushed beginnings and endings, the place of naming and unnaming, where language, strange to itself, tiptoes along songlines as though following passages of Koto music. In Brian Henderson's poetry, poised and listening on this hinge of creativity, ontological ... Read more

Years, Months, and Days

By Amanda Jernigan


A transfiguration of Mennonite hymns into heartbreaking lyric poems, Years, Months, and Days is a moving “meditation on the possibility of translation. ” Bridging secular spirituality and holy reverence with the commonalities of life, ... Read more