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All Violet

By Rani Rivera

The posthumous poetry journal of Rani Rivera, Toronto's champion of mental health advocacy and harm reduction.In ALL VIOLET, a young woman chronicles the experience of living on the margins, in spaces and places where body and mind are flayed by guilt, disappointments and betrayals. ... Read more

Allegheny, BC

By Rodney DeCroo

In this unsettling collection, Vancouver singer/songwriter Rodney DeCroo delivers raw footage of a childhood marred by violence, sudden uprootings, and abuse. Allegheny, BC is a candid, gritty tour through DeCroo's troubled past in a small coal town outside of Pittsburgh, PA, ... Read more

Alphabet of Desire

By Ken Norris

Alphabet of Desire, Ken Norris's sixteenth book of poetry, brings together two remarkable poetic sequences. 'The Ascent of Spring' is a haunting meditation on creativity and renewal. The title sequence, consisting of thirty-nine prose poems, covers everything from Aspects of ... Read more

Alphabet of the Traveler, The

By Corrado Paina

In The Alphabet of the Traveler, Corrado Paina has crafted an alphabetical meditation on the motives and concerns of an anonymous traveler who seeks to escape the bonds of time and determination. It is a book for anyone who has ever gone to a foreign country and experienced ... Read more


By George Payerle

Alterations is a book of arrival at beginnings. When George Payerle finally escaped city life, he returned to the coast into which he had been born when Vancouver was a much smaller town — a coast where the mountains fall into the sea as waves of rainforest. This is a coast ... Read more

Always Die Before Your Mother

By Patrick Woodcock


Like an embedded journalist, Patrick Woodcock writes his poetry from the front lines of experience.

From cities reeling from the trauma of siege warfare to the stifling heat and politics of the Arabian Peninsula to the darkest corners of the South American rain forest, Woodcock's ... Read more


By Phil Hall

Phil Hall is well known as a writer and supporter of "work poetry. " He stands in solidarity with workers, with the little guy, the often faceless many. His poetry can be fierce in their service, but it is sponsored by humane inquiry, not dogma. Amanuensis takes its title from ... Read more

Amateurs at Love

By Patricia Young

Love is a boxcar going off the rails. For anyone who has experienced the highs and lows of love and wants to know they are not alone.

Patricia Young's new collection confirms her status as one of Canada's great and most versatile contemporary poets. In Amateurs at Love, she ... Read more

American Standard/Canada Dry

By Stephen Cain

With Canada/US relations in the proverbial toilet (American Standard, of course), Stephen Cain’s third book blenderizes ‘pop’ culture, politics and poetry to befuddle the border.

From the Howl-like opening rant about the militarism of the US to the satirical ‘History ... Read more

Among Ruins

By Christopher Doda

Among Ruins is an intriguing mixture of the fantastic and the frighteningly real. These poems, tinged with the irony of life and politics, convey a dark and powerful mythic undertone that speaks not only to the reader but to the reader's soul. This is a haunting and memorable ... Read more