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By (photographer) Lincoln Clarkes

An exquisite collection of candid photographs, Cyclists is a selection of 150 men and women riding bicycles through the Toronto streets in 2011 and 2012. The street-style fashion portraits document ecological travel as much as the beauty of youth and the vigour of self-propelled ... Read more

Gibbous Moon

By Dennis Cooley
By (photographer) Michael Matthews

A gibbous moon arrives in shadow and light. First at waxing then at waning, two moons in one cycle just shy of full. Poet Dennis Cooley's eloquent words merge with photographer/composer Michael Matthews' decadent abstract photographs. These two celebrated artists draw connections ... Read more

Ontario Wildlife Photography

By Noah Cole

This stunning collection of wildlife photography features moose, turtles, dragonflies, shorebirds, hawks, and songbirds from the marshlands of Point Pelee to the wilderness north of Lake Superior.

Explore parks and trails where colourful birds and turtles live. Behold wetlands ... Read more