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Everything Remains Raw

By Mark V. Campbell

Before there was Drake, there was The 6. The genesis and rise of Toronto's Hip Hop culture.

Amongst the algorithmic pulsations that remap informational networks at the whim of any giant tech company, hip hop culture produces ways of knowing (and being in) the world that continually ... Read more

James Wilson

By John Leroux
Photographs by James Wilson

A CBC New Brunswick Book List Selection

"The same stage, but different actors," explains Wilson. "There is something interesting to me about separating people from their environment, about keeping the focus on the individual. "

James Wilson’s studio portraits capture subjects ... Read more

Lost City

By John Leroux

An Atlantic Bestseller

From the 1950s through the 1970s, cities throughout North America engaged in disruptive periods of massive "urban renewal" of older, poorer areas. Neighbourhoods were razed to make way for freeways, housing projects, public amenities, sports arenas, and ... Read more

Ned Pratt

By Mireille Eagan, Sarah Fillmore, Ray Cronin, and Jonathan Shaughnessy

The world in bold; Newfoundland in abstract.

"It is the landscape that endures, it is the landscape that remains in control. " — Ned Pratt

With Ned Pratt, there is no nostalgia, no romance, no theatre. His interest in the Newfoundland landscape forms the foundation for his ... Read more

Ten Years

Edited by Sophie Hackett, Alden Hadwen, and Sean O'Neill

The field of photography has been described as one that exacerbates antagonisms, "a permanent hotbed of contradictions. " This is also an apt description for the work of the artists who have participated in the Aimia | AGO Photography Prize in its first decade.

From the beginning, ... Read more