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10 Days on Earth

By Ronnie Burkett

He lived alone with very little and more than enough, and preferred it that way. "Simply simply," he was oft heard to say. He was alone, on his own, and that was okay. ..

Darrel is a middle-aged intellectually challenged man who lives with his mother. When she dies in her sleep, ... Read more

Billy Twinkle

By Ronnie Burkett

Standing at the edge of the ship, contemplating a watery demise, Billy is called back to reality when his dead mentor Sid Diamond appears as a handpuppet. Sid forces Billy to re-enact his life as a puppet show, rekindling the passion Billy once had for puppets, people, and the ... Read more

String Quartet

By Ronnie Burkett
Introduction by Liz Nicholls

A collection of four plays by internationally renowned puppeteer Ronnie Burkett. This anthology includes the three plays of the Memory Dress Trilogy: Tinka's New DressStreet of Blood, and Happy, as well as Provenance.

Tinka's New Dress

Two old friends become puppeteers, ... Read more