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By Mark Truscott

Nature is us and we are nature. Nature is beautiful. Nature is out to kill us. Nature is heterosexual. Nature is gay. Nature is masculine. Nature is a woman. Nature is natural. Nature is culture. Nature is a metaphor. Nature is like money. Nature is calling. Nature is still ... Read more

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit

Edited by Terry Graff

No present without the past. No equality without feminism.

Nekt wikuhpon ehpit chronicles the sources, inspiration, and personal circumstances that have shaped Shirley Bear’s visual art, poetry, and political activism and presents the integral relationship amongst these important ... Read more

Nothing to See Here

By Howard Chackowicz

Nothing to See Here is the highly-anticipated continuation of Chackowicz's Howie Action Comix series. In the spirit of Ivan Brunetti, his one-page gags convey narrative devices that take fans to strange and dark places that exist well beyond joke territory.

Odd One Out

By Betty Jane Hegerat

"There's a person here, Roof. You need to come home."

"Here where? In the house? You let a stranger in the house?"

"Well she's just a girl. Or like a young woman or whatever."

My phone was fading again. It does that. Mom got it as a cheap add-on to her own cell.

Or: Maybe the stranger ... Read more

Of Irony, Especially in Drama

By G.G. Sedgewick

Ronsdale Press is pleased to announce a new edition of this landmark book on irony, first published in 1935 by the University of Toronto Press, and frequently reprinted. Professor Sedgewick begins his discussion by recognizing that irony is a way of speaking with which we are ... Read more

Paddling South

By Rick Ranson

In the Fall of 1969, Rick Ranson and John Van Landeghem, both barely out of high school, took on the might of the Red and Mississippi Rivers to paddle a canoe from Winnipeg, Manitoba, to New Orleans, Louisiana. Combining high drama with hilarity, Ranson tells how the duo, ducked ... Read more

Polar Vortex

By Shani Mootoo

Some secrets never die. ..

Priya and Alexandra have moved from the city to a picturesque countryside town. What Alex doesn't know is that in moving, Priya is running from her past—from a fraught relationship with an old friend, Prakash, who pursued her for many years, both ... Read more

Pouring Small Fire

By Susan Manchester

Pouring Small Fire is a debut poetry collection that intricately regenerates a full life experience spanning from the baseball diamonds, pond-mist and summer grass of Upstate New York to hot and sour soup and middle-aged love on Toronto's Spadina Street. Understandably, throughout ... Read more

Rabbit Punch

By Greg Santos

In Greg Santos's Rabbit Punch!, Marco Polo reminisces on his friendship with Kublai Khan over deli sandwiches, Wilfred Owen and Ernest Hemingway trade war stories at Hooters, and Senator John McCain remembers that fateful day when his father took him to eat bubble gum ice cream. ... Read more


By Adam Getty

In poems that are both world-weary yet suffused with a moral force, Adam Getty gives us the perspective of the common man, but gives it in an uncommon voice -- a voice of quiet, contemplative directness tinged with the fierce integrity of one who has lived the experience.

Reconciliation ... Read more