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Florine Stettheimer

Edited by Irene Gammell & Suzanne Zelazo

This collection of essays explores the multimodality of the work of Jazz-era New York saloniere, painter, and poet Florine Stettheimer, allowing readers to discover why Andy Warhol once called her his favourite artist. Florine Stettheimer: New Directions in Multimodal Modernism ... Read more

Frogs in the Rain Barrel

By Sally Ito

In the title poem of this extraordinary first book, Sally Ito remembers her childhood in Alberta, when she set frogs in the rain barrel and watched them swim like stars in a "pool of still and nether depths/ whose mirrored surface was all. "

Those imagined depths become a powerful ... Read more

From My Mother's Back

By Njoki Wane

In this warm and honest memoir, celebrated academic Njoki Wane shares her journey from her parents' small coffee farm in Kenya, where she helped her mother in the fields as a child, to her current work as a professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University ... Read more

Garments of the Known

By Norm Sacuta

With its juxtaposition of Canadian prairie with the downs of southern England, with its movement between reality and dream, night and day, Norm Sacuta's brilliant debut poetry collection, Garments of the Known, uses both traditional verse forms and linguistic fracture to create ... Read more

Generation of Caliban, The

By Jonathan Goldberg

In his University of British Columbia Sedgewick lecture for 2001, Professor Jonathan Goldberg explores the ways in which contemporary writers and critics have identified with Shakespeare's figure of Caliban in his play The Tempest as a means of exploring the relationship of ... Read more

Glass Float

By Jane Munro

Griffin Award-winner returns with new poems that are spacious with interiority, alive with a hard-earned lightness.


Waves carried a glass float--designed to hold up a fishing net--across the Pacific. Beached it safely. Someone's breath is inside it.


In Glass Float, her ... Read more

God on His Haunches

By Diane L. Tucker

Diane Tucker writes from experience and "the sustaining power of memory" in this first collection of poems. She writes of falling in love with the wrong person: "For you I ride without a seat belt, willing to be thrown clear at first impact"; her daughter at four months, whose ... Read more

Great Power and Great Responsibility

By Douglas Mann

Great Power and Great Responsibility is a thought-provoking collection of essays that delves into the philosophies that underlie many of the great comic series. From Watchmen to Bomb Queen, Douglas Mann considers a wide variety of comic storylines and characters, as well as ... Read more