Endangered Species

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By Joanna Lilley

Endlings takes us across continents and through the long expanse of aeons to give voice to the dead. In poems that are lyrical, exact, and deeply melancholic, Joanna Lilley demands audience for the final moments of animal extinction. From the zebra-horse quagga and chiding dodo, ... Read more

Once They Were Hats

By Frances Backhouse


Finalist for the Lane Anderson Award

Finalist for the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize

“Unexpectedly delightful reading — there is much to learn from the buck-toothed rodents of yore. ” — National Post

“Fascinating and smartly written. ” — Globe and Mail

Beavers, ... Read more


By Jenna Butler

Starting in late November as the bees are settling in for winter Jenna Butler takes us through a year of beekeeping on her small piece of the boreal forest. She considers the impact of crop sprays, and debates the impact of introduced flowers versus native flowers, the effect ... Read more