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Bluebacks and Silver Brights

By Norman Safarik & Allan Safarik

More than a history of the Vancouver fishing industry, this collection of adventures set on the Pacific Ocean also serves as a compelling memoir. With dozens of salty tales of hardworking and hard-living fishermen and fish-industry workers, this is the story of West Coast fishing ... Read more

Marine Wildlife of Bonne

By Wroblewski

A fjord on the west coast of Newfoundland, Bonne Bay finds itself surrounded by the lands of Gros Morne National Park – a Unesco World Heritage Site. Drawing on years of research conducted at The Bonne Bay Marine Station, author Joseph Wroblewski offers a comprehensive guide ... Read more

Salmon Country

By Doug Underhill
Edited by Jacques Héroux
Photographs by André Gallant

In a stunning combination of superb colour images and lively personal essays, Salmon Country takes us on an excursion along New Brunswick's famous salmon rivers. Marrying the essays of Doug Underhill and the photographs of André Gallant, Salmon Country explores the people, the ... Read more

Sea Winter Salmon

By Mari Hill Harpur, Mari Hill Harpur
With Eileen Regan McCormack, and Eileen Regan McCormack

Sea Winter Salmon is about a great salmon river, the St. John River on the Lower North Shore of Quebec, and its most important visitor, the illustrious Atlantic salmon. It was the Canadian and American railroad magnate James J. Hill who travelled the Gulf of the St. Lawrence ... Read more

The Salmon Run

By (artist) Clayton Gauthier
Translated by Francois Prince

The Salmon Run follows a salmon on his journey to return to the spawning grounds. Written and illuystrated by Clayton Gauthier, the debut book of talented artis and storyteller.