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'Dinosaurs' of the Deep

By Larry Verstraete
Illustrated by Julius Csotonyi

Driving across the North American Heartland, surrounded by prairie, it is almost impossible to imagine that once this was once a huge inland sea. The Western Interior Seaway, which split the entire continent of North America in half, once teemed with predatory creatures - fanged ... Read more

Adrift on the Ark

By Margaret Thompson

Adrift on the Ark is a collection of personal essays by Margaret Thompson that offers a straightforward study of the complex relationship between human beings and the natural world. The essays look at a wide range of beings—from spiders to peacocks—and cover issues such as ... Read more

Atlantic Salmon Treasury, 75th Anniversary Edition

Edited by Charles Gaines & Monte Burke

“Few fish have captured the souls and minds of men and women quite like wild Atlantic salmon. ” — Bill Taylor, President, Atlantic Salmon Federation

Celebrating 75 years of conservation, the Atlantic Salmon Treasury works as a “best of” for the influential Atlantic ... Read more

Beavers Eh to Bea

By Lil Anderson

An Our Choice 2001 Selection (Canadian Children's Book Centre). Two years of work, adventure, fun and sorrow see baby beaver Eh through to beaver adulthood and eventual release. "A whole new story about beavers that will endear them to every reader . . . an excellent resource ... Read more

Bluebacks and Silver Brights

By Allan Safarik & Norman Safarik


A captivating memoir set during the pinnacle of West Coast fishing

More than a history of the Vancouver fishing industry, Bluebacks and Silver Brights is a collection of great adventures set on the Pacific coast. With dozens of salty tales of hardworking and hard-living fisherman ... Read more

Elk in the House, An

By Beverly Lein

Have you ever walked into your living room to find an elk contentedly watching television? Meet Butter, human companion and elk extraordinaire at the Seventh Avenue Elk Ranch in Manning, Alberta. When ranchers Beverly and Carson Lein chose the unique occupation of farming elk, ... Read more

Happiness is a Rare Bird

By Gene Walz

There is nothing better than the sight of a rare bird. Whether sitting in your backyard when an errant traveller stops by, or trekking to an exotic location, every encounter is a gift.

Through a lifetime of experiences, Gene Walz shares the joy of the birding life in Happiness ... Read more

Listening to the Bees

By Mark Winston & Renée Sarojini Saklikar

Listening to the Bees is a collaborative exploration by two writers to illuminate the most profound human questions: Who are we? Who do we want to be in the world?

Through the distinct but complementary lenses of science and poetry, Mark Winston and Renée Saklikar reflect ... Read more

Manitoba Butterflies

By Simone Allard

Manitoba Butterflies is one of the most unique and accessible field guides to feature Manitoba's winged ambassador, the butterfly. Novices and experts alike will be engrossed with over 600 full colour photos featuring full colour life-size specimens as well as images of the ... Read more