Musical Instruments

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Music, Late and Soon

By Robyn Sarah

Shortlisted for the J. I. Segal Awards Best Quebec Book on a Jewish Theme • Shortlisted for the The Mavis Gallant Prize for Non-Fiction

A poet rediscovers the artistic passion of her youth—and pays tribute to the teacher she thought she’d lost.

After thirty-five years as ... Read more

My First Guitar

By Julia Crowe


Famous guitarists reveal the stories behind their first six-string and their lifelong passion for music

Every guitarist remembers his or her first instrument, the guitar that was a gateway to a lifetime of passion and commitment. In My First Guitar, Julia Crowe presents original ... Read more

Sticking It Out

By Patti Niemi


“A shattered-mirror insight into the bizarre world of hitting things with sticks. ” — Neil Peart, bestselling author, lyricist and drummer for Rush

“By turns reflective and dramatic, poignant and hilarious, Sticking It Out offers an irresistible portrait of the artist ... Read more