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Dervish at the Crossroads

By Wanda Waterman

Dervish at the Crossroads isn't a music guide so much as an autobiographical exploration of the experience of music from 2000 to 2020, with commentary on what makes the experience of music during these two decades radically different from all that came before. As the title of ... Read more

On Songwriting

By Bob Snider

From acclaimed musician Bob Snider comes this two-part look inside songwriting. With the same casual precision that sets his songs apart, Snider gives us a glimpse of the songwriter’s inner workings–creative process, techniques and some of the hiding places of good ideas. ... Read more

The Healing Power of Singing

By Emm Gryner


Vocal health tips, stories from the tour bus, and action items to improve your voice and boost your self-confidence from an award-winning musician and life coach

Performing with David Bowie, surviving the murky depths of the music business, enduring a painful divorce, and ... Read more

There's Music In These Walls

By Ezra Schabas

The Royal Conservatory of Music, founded in 1886, is rich in history and genius. Its long tradition of excellence in musical training and examining places it among the leading music schools of the world. Glenn Gould, Lois Marshall, Teresa Stratas, Jon Vickers, Mario Bernardi, ... Read more