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Perfect Youth

By Sam Sutherland

While many volumes devoted to the punk and hardcore scenes in America grace bookstore shelves, Canadaӳ contributions to the genre remain largely unacknowledged. For the first time, the birth of Canadian punkء transformative cultural force that spread across the country ... Read more

Punk Rock Fun Time Activity Book

By Aye Jay
Foreword by Steven Blush

Fasten your safety pins and spike your mohawks for another round of pop culture activity fun! Aye Jay, creator of the Gangsta Rap Coloring Book and the Heavy Metal Fun Time Activity Book (ECW 2007), takes on punk with mosh-worthy results. This activity book will challenge kids ... Read more

Relics and Tunes

By Amelia Curran

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To celebrate the career of ... Read more

Rivers' Edge

By John D Luerssen

Infighting, power struggles, membership firings and resignations, lawsuits, settlements, non-disclosure agreements, oddball behavior, and, most importantly, fabulous rock music. Welcome to Weezer’s weird world, steered by brainchild Rivers Cuomo ? perhaps the world’s most ... Read more


By Neil Peart

For thirty years, drummer, author, and songwriter Neil Peart had wanted to write a book about ?the biggest journey of all in my restless existence: the life of a touring musician. Finally, the right time, and the right tour . . .

In the summer of 2004, after three decades, twenty ... Read more


By James Reaney
Edited by John Beckwith

The late James Reaney remains one of Canada's favourite poets and playwrights; at the intersection of his dramatic and poetic talents is Scripts, a collection of musical writings. There are nine complete works here, including the chamber opera Night-blooming Cereus, the poetry/music ... Read more

Secret Carnival Workers

By Paul Haines
Edited by Stuart Broomer


Admired as much for his insightful jazz criticism as for his liner notes and lyrics, Paul Haines collaborated throughout his life with some of the world’s most adventurous artists, including Evan Parker, Carla Bley, Derek Bailey, Roswell Rudd, John Tchicai, Alex Chilton, ... Read more


By Micah Locilento

Shaggy, born Orville Richard Burrell, has had hit singles in more than nine countries, making him the most popular reggae act since Bob Marley. This biography features conversations with family and friends and exposes the man behind the microphone, from his childhood in Kingston, ... Read more

Sound Off

By Stephen Bett

Stephen Bett's 12th book, Sound Off: a book of jazz, is loosely, a "serial" poem, a book of 76 linked poems, each responding (himself as a jazz fan) to the work of 76 very current jazz musicians. These "jazzers", as he calls them, are not the old tried & true names we all know—they ... Read more